High-precision Shot Blasting for Stainless Steel

With applications ranging from industry-scale production, design objects to stainless steel containers, shot blasting is the method of choice for those with only the highest demands in overall quality and surface refinement.

Our company's initial roots as well as our main strength today center around the processing of stainless steel products.

Shot blasted components are widely used as visual parts in the business of plant engineering and as decorative elements due to their clean and appealing surface finish.

Stainless Steel Blasting Room

Our 7.5x2.5x3m sized blasting room is equipped with a state-of-the-art recovery system for continuous separation of re-usable abrasive and non-recoverable powder. We use glass beads (average size 100-200 ym) as blasting medium.

Persistent high quality is guaranteed by two factors: In our blasting room made entirely from stainless steel, we only process parts made of stainless steel, and our highly experienced employess with special training in handling delicate surfaces.

The blasting Process

Shot blasting using glass beads is an innovative process primarily used for surface improvement and refinement. Compared to sand-blasting, it is a decisively less aggressive blasting method due to its use of glass beads with grain sizes between 100 and 200 μm as blasting medium.
Shot blasting will remove light traces of tool treatment and residual slag from welds, leaving optically perfect weld seams and a semi matt surface finish. Additionally, due to the non-ferritic nature of glass beads, there is no need for decontamination (e.g. by pickling) after the blasting process. Besides the optical effect, it is also used in precoating (roughening) of aluminium as a preparatory measure of hard anodization.

To ensure absolute process stability and reliability, we use shot blasting only on parts made from stainless steel or aluminium.


JUSTINCASE - a mobile bar solution
Developed by René Chevanne as a promotional tool for use in the areas of event- and exhibition-catering, JUSTINCASE presents itself as a modern and versatile piece of furniture that can easily be assembled without using tools. Because of its sophisticated and innovative design, it won several design awards, beyond others the Red Dot Award in 2006.
Its stainless steel legs receive their surface finish in our blasting room.

X-BOW - Muffler
The X-Bow is KTM's first venture into the realm of car manufacturing. Its stainless steel muffler has to pass through Dr. Majer's blasting room before being installed.

We also have experience e.g. in the purification of screws or wheel rims made of aluminium, and already treated the surface of very different products made of stainless steel. There are countless applications for shot blasting - please do not hesitate to contact us!